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Tulsa Children's Chorus | Oklahoma Choral Arts Organization | Tulsa Performing Arts

...creating artistry through choral music education.

The Tulsa Children's Chorus maintains its legacy as one of the most prestigious choral traditions in the state of Oklahoma. Through our philosophy of a high-quality choral music experience, this Tulsa performing arts program exists to educate children in the Northeastern Oklahoma area towards a life-long love of music. The chorus represents children from several public, private and home schools throughout Tulsa and the surrounding cities. Children in our Oklahoma performing arts organization range in age from 8 to 18 years old and sing in one of two choruses, the Tulsa Children’s Chorus or the Tulsa Youth Chorus.

Through our collaborations with artistic organizations spread through the United States, the Tulsa Children's Chorus program instills within each participant a sense of choral excellence. By building a relationship with other Oklahoma musical organizations, the choir members are part of a well-respected artistic community and one of the best choirs in Oklahoma. Tulsa Children’s Chorus has performed with the Tulsa Philharmonic, Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, Tulsa Ballet, Tulsa Oratorio Chorus, Tulsa Opera, Tulsa Youth Symphony, Tulsa Boy Singers and Tulsa Bach Chorale. For more information on becoming a member of one of the best choirs in the south, please click here. Make sure you stay well-informed of our community performances by signing up for our publications.


The mission of Tulsa Children’s Chorus is to provide children and youth from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn and perform choral music in a professional setting.


The purpose of the Tulsa Children’s Chorus is to inspire a life-long love of all music - both as a performer and as a listener.

Tulsa Children's Chorus is a proud member of the Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa.